Can You Survive A Night With A Vampire?

You find yourself in a room with an AI Vampire.  Use your wit and words to convince her to let you live!

The game is going into private alpha soon.

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Incite is a new AI-Native Gaming Studio creating new ways to play.

We believe the best stories in games are not the ones players are told, but the ones players will tell. Our mission is to create games where every decision matters to the story, making it your story.

The Everything Story Engine

Can You Survive A Night With A Vampire is just the beginning.  We are building a destination with a story for everyone, whether that is a cozy farm sim, a dark survival game, or a slice of life relationship story.

The Future Of Creation, Today

The tools that were used to create Can You Survive A Night With A Vampire will soon be available in a closed alpha. Easily create your own AI characters and scenarios, and share them with your friends.


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